Navigating Unchartered Waters

EDLC, Action Alley, PDQ, Endcap, Sidekick, Shelf Blade, Gooseneck, Wobbler, MABD, Supply Chain Efficiencies . . . these are all intricate parts of the vast retail environment within Walmart Stores, Inc.  At Richardson, we help you navigate these sometimes unchartered waters.  Our dedicated team prides itself on staying abreast of trends, ever-changing store formats and approved style guides for In-Store Point-of-Sale Promotions.  We help you create attention-getting programs and project engineer them so they follow retailer guidelines for both visual merchandising and logistics.


Richardson is unique because we offer full-service graphic design and creative services.  From simple processes such as general layout for modular planograms or shelf signage to 3D renderings and prototyping, we have a talented, experienced design staff to meet all of your retail needs.


Branded promotional items make quite an impact at store events, in new product launch kits and as part of in-store demos.  You have access to a wide selection of these customizable promotional products and corporate apparel at Richardson. Certified by the Advertising Specialty Institute®, our team works directly with manufacturers to offer our clients effective promotional items that help support their retail branding efforts.  At Richardson, we help you select premium products with purpose – promotions that solidify a brand and create customer interaction.


With years of experience working in various facets of this diverse industry, Richardson is well versed in the retail environment. From signage programs to temporary and semi-permanent displays, our knowledge of substrates and store compliance regulations makes us key partners in your retail initiatives. We offer turnkey solutions – supporting various manufacturing mediums – as we successfully manage your programs through the entire process, including printing, finishing, assembly and pack-out services on-site at our facility.


Our diverse fulfillment division, based at our Kansas City headquarters, allows us to handle all of your fulfillment and distribution needs.  Many of our retail and CPG clients require customized kit packing for their promotional and point-of-purchase programs.  At Richardson, we have experienced teams who project engineer and manage these programs from packaging/materials and labor staff to quality control and distribution.  We customize each and every program based on its specific needs and requirements.  Keeping this integral part of the production process in-house allows for greater quality control and ownership of each project.  This translates to higher execution rates and greater cost efficiencies – increasing the ROI for our clients on all of their programs.







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